Behavioural Consultations

Training and behavioural needs can vary widely in their complexity and intensity.  No two dogs are the same, some experience multiple issues, where as others may just need to focus on one problem.

What ever you are experiencing with your dog, we are here to help.

Common problems include :-

  • fear and anxiety
  • aggression
  • recall
  • separation anxiety
  • guarding issues
  • pulling on lead
  • destructiveness
  • house training
  • jumping up at people
  • OCD (shadow or tail chasing)
  • traveling
  • nuisance barking
  • handling or grooming issues

Don’t worry if your dog’s particular problem isn’t listed – it’s highly likely we have seen it before.

Just call us on 07873 982392 to discuss, we can help.

desructive dog

Part One You will receive an initial 1 hour telephone consultation. We will discuss your dog’s history, routine, exercise and any of the main issues you are experiencing. This will help us to assess the problem and give you immediate advice on how to start improving things. You will also receive a quick start set of preliminary instructions to help you before we meet.


Part Two – practical meet/assessment  (1 – 2 weeks later) one 50 minute practical follow up (to be held outdoors at a mutually convenient venue) will be arranged. Here I get the opportunity to meet your dog and practically assess specific issues. We will discuss the reasons why your dog is motivated to behave in a certain manner and begin to teach some foundation exercises to practise at home. All current practical sessions will follow government guidelines on Covid-19.

Following the visit, you will receive a summary report and training notes, together with an advisory note on recommended follow up sessions. I will liaise with your vet personally where necessary and will require your dog to have a health check (if a recent visit hasn’t occurred), to rule out any possible underlying medical issues that could be contributing to the behaviour.

Cost £195 (plus mileage to practical venue @45p.p.m)


50 minute practical training sessions, agreed upon after initial consultation. As previously mentioned, the number of follow up sessions vary depending on the problem, but you will be advised at the consultation stage how many may be required. Programmes are obviously dictated by the complexity of your dog’s behaviour (on average 6 – 8 follow up sessions are required to see results).

Cost £50 per session (plus mileage to venue @45p.p.m)