1-2-1 Training

So… would you like to improve something specific like re-call, lead work or general obedience, or perhaps you would like to learn a few skills, tricks or new games to play? How about training your dog in basic gun-dog skills.

These sessions are tailored to your specific dog’s needs and we find that booking sessions a couple of weeks apart works best. This gives you the opportunity to review what you have learnt, troubleshoot any issues with our help and start to make things a little more difficult by introducing distractions.

If you would simply like to teach your dog something new and they are not displaying more complex behavioural issues, then 1-2-1 training is for you (please visit our behaviour consultation page for specific behavioural issues).

£50 per hour

Call our office on 07873 982392 or email admin@positivelydogs.co.uk