Positively Dogs are here to help you, with an extensive range of courses available. Join us for early puppy skills, right through to in home problem solving and much more.

Each class is arranged with small groups of dogs, this ensures they all have a very positive, stress free experience. We only use positive reward based methods and focus on teaching basic foundation skills, these include simple lead work, coming back when called, manners and social skills and of course being handled. Everything you learn will be geared towards helping your dog become a more confident member of society and help prevent problems in the future.

Puppies have a critical socialisation period of up to 13-15 weeks of age (depending on the individual dog), during which time, puppies must be carefully socialised to the outside world and be exposed to all the new sights and sounds that they will be expected to be confident around as an adult.  This includes meeting other dogs, children, unfamiliar people, traffic, open spaces but also everyday objects, for example, noisy kitchen appliances and the telephone.

For this reason, we prefer to take puppies at the earliest opportunity, as long as they are 1 week past their first Vaccination. Puppies that are not yet fully vaccinated will still benefit from sitting on your lap and watching and learning from the rest of the class. This is more beneficial for your dog’s positive socialising experience, than choosing to wait to join the next class, as again your dog has a time sensitive window in which to learn.

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Our APDT accredited courses run for 6 weeks during term time, and are held at the Didmarton village Hall – please see below for our future enrolment dates;

Term start dates 2019 (week commencing);

25th February

15th  April

3rd June

15th July

9th September

4th November


4.15pm- 5.15pm – Puppy 1 (under 20 weeks)

5.30pm – 6.30pm – Puppy 1 (under 20 weeks)

6.45pm – 7.45pm – Foundation level 1  (for dogs who have completed puppy or beginner)


12.30pm- 1.30pm -Puppy 1 (under 20 weeks)

1.40pm -2.40pm – Foundation level 1  (for dogs who have completed puppy or beginner)

If a class environment isn’t what you are looking for, or you have a specific problem that needs addressing, then a 1-2-1 home visit may be appropriate.

Children are very welcome, however we ask they are age 6 years and above, as its important they help you focus on your dog.


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